The Cool Climate Wines

Southern Highlands NSW is one of Australia’s young and upcoming cool climate wine regions. Hidden one and half hours away, south west of Sydney, the Southern Highlands is gaining its popularity among its wine varieties. Click here to read more

A Guide to Pinot Noir Grape

A fashionable red grape variety, the Pinot Noir grape produces divinely scented and gorgeously fruity expressive wines. Click here to read more

St Maur’s Guide To Storing An Open Wine Bottle

Chances are we have all been stumped by this question: How does one save an open bottle of wine and ensure it will still be pleasant the next day? The thought of abandoning the delicious nectar of gods and letting it go to waste is a tragedy beyond compare. Click here to read more

The Wine Terroir

“Terroir” a term that is found on majority of wine labels around the world but it is that one word which is also the least understood in the wine world. Click here to read more

Wine Heists Of All Time

We all love a good heist story, with all the suspehttp://wine heistnse, drama, the plotting & planning of the heist and everything else that goes wrong along with it! However when you google the word “Heist” the popular hits are either top movies or jewels & high value artefacts heist with almost close to nothing about wine heists. This makes one wonder why so! Click here to read more

Have you bought your bottle of the winter white wine?

With winter in its full bloom, jackets out and fireplaces have been put in motion; the next thing that comes to our mind is a nice glass of full body red wine and some cheese or rich food to go along. With all of this, what we forget about is our beautiful white wines which we all sip while sitting on a beach front in our sandals or on the top of our yachts. Once the summer is over, the sandals are in and yachts are in their yards, we don’t necessarily have to say goodbye to white wine. YES! Believe it or not, white wine has its place in winter dining. Click here to read more

Vin Brulé with St Maur Wines

Winter is gripping us with the cold winds and frosty mornings and while our first response is to snuggle up next to the fireplace with some comfort food and wine, why not try a Vin Brulé with one of our fine reds. Vin Brulé is soul-soothing, bone-warming hot drink to enjoy on cold icy days. After a glass of this spiced goodness, you’ll soon forget about the weather outside. Here is St Maur’s recipe for  your own Vin Brulé !

The Bee Story

Shhhh. Hear that? There’s a buzz around the St Maur vineyard. And it’s not bud burst or a new vintage, but……….bees! Yes, bees, from the two St Maur beehives that we have recently commissioned. After discussions at a recent Member’s lunch with David Watson, a club member with a great passion for bees, David generously offered to assist us in installing and maintaining some beehives, and we jumped at the opportunity.

We thought it would be fun to take up beekeeping, and we are looking forward to tasting some of the St Maur honey. Click here to read more