St Maur December 2022 Christmas Update 

In this issue – December 2022 update, St Maur supports local charities, Christmas and Holiday food & wine matching, latest vineyard news, and holiday trading and cellar door hours. Click here to read more.

Mara Limited Release 2018 Pinot Noir

St. Maur’s Mara label is named in honour of Mara Panizzutti, the family’s matriarch. Read more about Mara and watch video on how the St Maur Mara Limited Release came to life. Click here to read more.

St Maur August 2022 Update Newsletter

Welcome to our St Maur newsletter for August 2022. In this newsletter we have our August 2022 Update, meet Someone Truly Exceptional – Introducing Mara, review our Current Cellar Door Hour and we bring you our Latest Lot 41 Release. Click here to read more.

The Cool Climate Wines

Southern Highlands NSW is one of Australia’s young and upcoming cool climate wine regions. Hidden one and half hours away, south-west of Sydney, the Southern Highlands is gaining its popularity among its wine varieties. Click here to read more

A Guide to Pinot Noir Grape

A fashionable red grape variety, the Pinot Noir grape produces divinely scented and gorgeously fruity expressive wines. Click here to read more

St Maur’s Guide To Storing An Open Wine Bottle

Chances are we have all been stumped by this question: How does one save an open bottle of wine and ensure it will still be pleasant the next day? The thought of abandoning the delicious nectar of gods and letting it go to waste is a tragedy beyond compare. Click here to read more

The Wine Terroir

“Terroir” a term that is found on majority of wine labels around the world but it is that one word which is also the least understood in the wine world. Click here to read more

Wine Heists Of All Time

We all love a good heist story, with all the drama, the plotting & planning of the heist and everything else that goes wrong along with it! However when you google the word “Heist” the popular hits are either top movies or jewels & high-value artifacts heist with almost close to nothing about wine heists. This makes one wonder why so! Click here to read more

Have you bought your bottle of the winter white wine?

With winter in its full bloom, jackets out and fireplaces have been put in motion; the next thing that comes to our mind is a nice glass of full-body red wine and some cheese or rich food to go along. With all of this, what we forget about is our beautiful white wines which we all sip while sitting on a beachfront in our sandals or on the top of our yachts. Once the summer is over, the sandals are in and yachts are in their yards, we don’t necessarily have to say goodbye to white wine. YES! Believe it or not, white wine has its place in winter dining. Click here to read more

Vin Brulé with St Maur Wines

Winter is gripping us with the cold winds and frosty mornings and while our first response is to snuggle up next to the fireplace with some comfort food and wine, why not try a Vin Brulé with one of our fine reds. Vin Brulé is a soul-soothing, a bone-warming hot drink to enjoy on cold icy days. After a glass of this spiced goodness, you’ll soon forget about the weather outside. Here is St Maur’s recipe for your own Vin Brulé!

The Bee Story

Shhhh. Hear that? There’s a buzz around the St Maur vineyard. And it’s not bud burst or a new vintage, but……….bees! Yes, bees, from the two St Maur beehives that we have recently commissioned. After discussions at a recent Member’s lunch with David Watson, a club member with a great passion for bees, David generously offered to assist us in installing and maintaining some beehives, and we jumped at the opportunity.

We thought it would be fun to take up beekeeping, and we are looking forward to tasting some of the St Maur honey. Click here to read more

The Making of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a variety that lends itself to the influence and expression of the site. A grape varietal that is the most challenging for a viticulturist to grow but definitely worth the pain once the Pinot Noir has made it to the cellar. There are various methodologies one can adapt to making a great Pinot Noir. From harvest to fermentation to filtration and the final product all elements contribute to the character of the wine. The respect for our terroir and the grape itself dictates our winemaking philosophy. Click here to read more

Vintage 2018

As I sit here in our member’s Dining Room at St Maur, enjoying a quiet wine, I am thinking back at what an incredible few weeks it’s been for us all at St Maur Vineyard. Click here to read more

Winter Musings

As we head through winter, we’re preparing to prune our vines at St Maur to be ready for spring. While there’s always something to be done in the vineyard, over the last months I have been doing a little research on tannins. I thought I would share some of the facts I uncovered in my reading with you Click here to read more

Drought and Wines – what it means for quantity & quality?

Did you know that the Australian wine industry is worth over $5 billion? Yes, $5 billion. That’s nothing to be sneezed at. So when there are climatic changes that could affect the industry, it’s a serious matter and not just for producers.  Click here to read more

While you enjoy your wine, spare a thought for the bottle…

The next time you are browsing to buy wine, either at a cellar door or your local bottle shop, take a little time to look at the bottles of the different wines. You’ll notice that they have different shapes or profiles; some are taller and narrower, others shorter and wider. They are also made from different coloured glass and if you were to pick them up, they would also be different weights. Click here to read more

Serving Wine at the Right Temperature – Let’s Get Medieval…

There’s an old rule of thumb when it comes to the serving of wine that says – serve white wines cold and red wines at room temperature. When you investigate the origins of the saying, it’s worth noting that this advice comes from chilly French medieval rooms, where the temperatures ranged between 14°C to 16°C. Click here to read more

When everything “Old” is “New” again

If wine is of interest past the simple enjoyment of the odd glass here or there, you may have heard of them being referred to as either “Old World” or “New World” wines. I thought I would investigate a little more, too.  Click here to read more

Our 2019 Vintage

We are certainly feeling autumn in the highlands – cool mornings, some mists, the smell of open fires, leaves turning on trees and there’s more of a chill in the wind. Only a few weeks and winter will be upon us, a season when the highlands come into their own. Click here to read more.

Australian Pinot Noir – a wine of the times

Pinot Noir was one of the varieties brought to Australia by both John McArthur in 1817 and by James Busby in the 1830s. The grape’s historical origins are still unknown, but the variety is thought to be over 2,000 years old. In the mid-1960s there were less than 50 hectares of Pinot Noir planted across Australia. Since then, the variety has slowly built itself to become an increasing and more important part of the Australian wine landscape. Click here to read more.

Let’s Cut To The Chase – Pruning!

The subject of this newsletter – pruning our vines. (Bad pun.) After the vines in the vineyard have been dormant over winter, it is time to prepare them for spring. Our vines will soon come to life again, reinvigorated (I trust) after their winter sleep, and ready for budburst and show early shoots and leaves. Click here to read more.

It’s time to get rid of the dead-wood.

It was August last year when I last spoke about Pruning our vines at St Maur and as I look back it really feels like it’s a bit paradoxical. It seems like yesterday when I wrote that newsletter and it also seems an age ago, given the events that have shaped the last year. With this in mind, I am hoping our pruning this winter will be both physical and metaphorical. As the last vintage (2020) which we lost endured drought and fires, I hope that the pruning this year will re-invigorate both the vines, as well as reset us all, for a better year ahead. Click here to read more.