St Maur’s Guide To Storing An Open Wine Bottle


Chances are we have all been stumped by this question: How does one save an open bottle of wine and ensure it will still be pleasant the next day? The thought of abandoning the delicious nectar of gods and letting it go to waste is a tragedy beyond compare.

There are many wine-saving gadgets in the market that aid in preserving that half opened bottle of wine. However there has been a lot of debate in the industry whether they are actually effective.  Many experts have given their opinions on which product is the most practical and gives the best results. Here is our guide to on the best ways to preserve the last few glasses of your open bottle without incurring any added expenses.

Oxygen is a frenemy of wine! We all have heard about decanting wine, which is true as initially oxygen contact with the wine improves the taste but extended exposure of oxygen does ultimately result in degrading the quality of the wine. The key is to minimise the amount of the surface area touching the wine.

Trick #1: Re-sealing the bottle.
One of the basics after opening any bottle of wine (red or white) is to re-seal it with its screw cap or original cork. This reduces the oxygen contact the wine gets, thereby increasing the longevity of the wine.

Trick #2: Use half bottles
Another way to ensure that your favourite bottle of wine is still good to drink the next day is the use half bottles. As air contact flattens the wine thereby lessening the flavour and aromas, it is advisable to use half bottles to store the remaining wine. Even if there’s a little air at the top, it’s far less than in a regular bottle. Also ensure that the wine bottle is keep upright rather than lay down. This further reduces the surface area and lessens the contact rate.

Trick #3: Refrigerate it
It is surprising how many of us, leave leftover wine on our kitchen counters. You wouldn’t do that with food, so don’t do it with wine. The best way to preserve the wine is the store it out of light and under room temperature; ideally in the fridge. The cool temperature slows down the chemical (oxidation) process and stays relatively fresh for another 2-3 days.

Last but not the least, to enjoy a good bottle of wine, is to finish it. A bottle on an average contains 5 glasses, when sharing and drinking responsibly between two; it is 2.5 glasses per person. Studies have shown that 1-3 glasses a day, especially red wine, is good for health.

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