The Cool Climate Wines


Southern Highlands NSW is one of Australia’s young and upcoming cool climate wine regions. Hidden one and half hours away, south west of Sydney, the Southern Highlands is gaining its popularity among its wine varieties. This is rather important due to the climate that the area revels in.

Cool Climate regions share equilibrium between the amount of the heat and the cool temperature the grapes are exposed to. These regions get as hot as warmer climate areas however what differentiates the wines here is the sudden drop in temperature closer to the harvest season.  The cool climate preserves the acidity but elongates the ripening of the grape and accumulates more flavour.

The slower ripening of the grape further reduces the sugar content; thereby the wines contain a slightly lower alcohol by volume level; in simpler terms, lower by the number of calories. This result in a fruit that has intense- flavours, more refined and elegant with a “less in your face” attitude.   The wines tend to be complex but well balanced which makes highly food-friendly.

Source: Wine Selectors; The Australian Wine Research Institute; Huffington post